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Authentic Self vs Cults

Most of us hold the belief that cults are linked to religious or spiritual matters only, but if we stop and observe, we quickly realise that the essence of a cult can be found everywhere.

Online, a cult is described as a social group defined by its unusual religious, spiritual, or philosophical beliefs or by its common interest in a particular personality, object, or goal.

Yet, don't we find this also in work environments, family structures, groups of friends, digital and social media, countries, continents..? The obsession, drive and manipulation of all in a certain circle, no matter its size, structure, form or timeframe to play by the same rules, share the same beliefs and undergo the same rituals? And when any individual takes a different path, many times it feels as though they are swimming against the tide. Accusations, abandonment, harrassment, lies...a vortex of dense vibrational actions might surround them. One may finally manage to leave one specific cult and find oneself being sucked into another.

To me, the essence of a cult is the loss of one's unique individuality in favour of someone else's ego, by manipulating one's sense of purpose through rituals.

More than dangerous, it is profoundly sad.

No being is better than another. No being is superior to another. No being deserves to be more than another. In the end both the cult follower and leader lose as both become detached from their true essence and potential. Whether you're a lawyer, doctor, policeman or politician. whether you are a parent or child, friend or teacher. Whether you are awakened or not.

Yes, we are all sharing the same home. Nevertheless, there is a line between respect & compassion for eachother and manipulation & obligatory ritual. It is a thin line. It is a maleable one. But it is there. Finding, recognising and accepting that line is truly one of the greatest challenges during our time on Earth.

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