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When angels conspire

Sometimes the angels actively conspire to get something done quickly and effectively here on earth.

It was night time and I was driving along the motorway back home. The darkness. The silence...I love driving at night.

My phone rang and it was someone I had not been in touch with for years. She had seen my website and was curious and wanted to chat, find out more. She had heard I was unwell but never really knew the full extent of my dis ease. So, catching up, simply. Nothing serious.

During the call I felt a presence in the car and as I find myself saying often nowadays, blurted "not now, this is my quiet time man...go chill somwehere else!"

But as I got into bed a couple of hours later, I knew what I had to share with the caller. So I simply texted from my heart the message given to me quite clearly.

It still astonishes me how powerful a seamingly meaningless word or sentence can be when it profoundly resonates with someone else. This message happened to make a direct difference in two people's lives.

Information from other dimensions of life, whether you believe in it or not, travels just like water down a stream: it might be a long voyage but it will always find a way to its destination. It is a law of nature.

And us beings, just like water, when we find less resistance and accept what is, naturally ease and calm down, eventually ending up mirroring and reflecting the light above.

What a voyage life is.

And so it be.

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